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Street Food


We started from zero, and now our dream has become reality.

Moving around, tasting new foods, meeting different food visions is what we have always done, even long before the food industry came to the web.

Step by step, we slowly grew up together with today's new concepts of cuisine, from the old style up to the new age extreme variants.

After years of discussion about what we had seen, tasted and loved, we decided to put our hands into it. Therefore we came up with our own idea of street food.

Passing through the concepts of “bistrot” and “gourmet”, but remaining on the classic style, the imprint we chose for our design is a mix of ideas we want to expose in the huge London. This is revealed by our van, uniform, food, logo and all the other details that make us unique.

about our


Fritto Misto is committed to put extra care into the whole frying process, from the choice of the most fresh and sought-after ingredients to the use of a stoneground flour. After the grinding, this particular flour preserves all the elements of the wheat grain (from the endosperm to the wheat germ, which is rich in vitamin E and minerals, including the bran), and is thereforemore nutritious and richer in taste. We prefer to use organic products, handcrafted and issued from farmers that limit the use of chemicals, safeguarding the fertility of the soil and promoting a cultivation approach that respects the biodiversity of the ecosystem. At Fritto Misto we truly believe that the use of genuine and top-quality products is essential to achieve a good final product with an authentic flavour