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Our story

Filippo and Vittorio are two Italian brothers based in London, who have decided to import the traditional fried delicacies from their native Campania region. For making their fried fish and fried pizza, they use simple ingredients,that are very common in most kitchens in the world, giving them a tasty and genuine italian (re)interpretation.
Vittorio, the eldest of the two brothers and the chef of Fritto misto, grew up smelling and tasting the secrets of the traditional Southern Italian cuisine, by the side of his godparents, also his mentors and the owners of a famous trattoria in his hometown. Vittorio developed a true passion for cooking and went on studying and practicing with his "experimental techniques".

Vittorio’s experience made him shape his own personal vision, which focuses on choosing only fresh and high quality ingredients and this principle is also at the heart of Fritto Misto’s philosophy.
Filippo, the second-born of the two brothers, who is responsible for the management of Fritto Misto, is Vittorio’s methodical alter ego. Having always had a willingness to listen to people and understand their needs, he first started to work as a nurse. Then, he decided to give shape to his brother's creativity and to start a business that would channel that volcano of ideas into a project uniting the values of tradition linked to their roots and top-qualitycuisine.


Our Products

New-born Fritto Misto is the only brand offering a bite of Italian specialities that are still uncommon in the London street food market. Straight from Napoli we are pleased to present the Seafood Fried Cone, a mix of fried fish varieties in a single portion. It is the new Fish 'n Chips 2.0, a real revolution. Not only squid, but also octopus, prawn, anchovies and cod fish, all in one dish. In addition to the Seafood Fried Cone, Fritto Misto also exports the main recipes from Southern Italy tradition, such as the "Montanarina", more commonly known as "pizza fritta" (fried pizza), a deep-fried sourdough pizza, featuring a balanced combination of fresh local products and Italian top quality ingredients.

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